Reliable, safe and efficient aerospace solutions

We have worked with the aerospace industry for many years. Employing our knowledge of air-film technology, mechanical movement techniques, electrical/pneumatic/hydraulic drive and control technology.

We take pride in providing materials handling solutions that are reliable, safe, efficient and which of value to your organisation. We have an excellent history of repeat business from our customers which we trust is indicative of the overall service we provide.

Aerospace applications include:

  • High quality machinery skates and jacks
  • Turntables: Mechanical or air film, manual or powered
  • Air skates and air film transporters
  • Bespoke design facility
  • Positioning systems
  • Flow line transport equipment
  • Traversers
  • Azimuth positioners
If you would like more information, technical help or would like to know more about a product, please don't hesitate to give us a call; +44(0)1204 525626, or simply send us an email, our sales and technical teams will be more than happy to help you.

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