Product Datasheets

BTF Reference Issue Document Title Download
BTF241 3 Hovair® Air Film Transporters Download
BTF242 3 Hovair® Air Film Skates Download
BTF243 3 Hovair® Air Powered Tuggers Download
BTF246 3 Hovair® Lightweight Air Bearings Download
BTF238 3 Vehicle Turntables Download
BTF346 3 Revolving Stage Turntables Download
BTF237 3 Movement for Commerce and Industry Download
BTF245 3 JUNG Lifting & Transport Equipment Download
BTF343 6 Small Carousel Turntables Download
BTF344 4 Large Carousel Turntables Download
BTF348 4 Ceiling Mounted Turntables Download
BTF353 3 Merlin Major 21 Download
BTF345 2 Olympian Turntable Download
BTF347 1 Sign Turntables Download
BTF342 2 Point of Sale Turntables Download
BTF341 1 Point of Sale Motors Download
BTF340 1 Point of Sale Movements Download
BTF339 1 Manual Turntables / Bearings Download
BTF349 3 Cabinet Turntable Kit (CTK) Download
BTF354 2 Motorcycle Display Turntables Download
BTF357 5 Motorcycle MAT Turntable Download

Catalogues & Brochures

Document Title Issue Download
JUNG Lifting & Transport Equipment Catalogue 2018/19 Download
Retail Display Helping Hand Guide N/A Download

Product O&M Manuals

BTF Reference Issue Document Title Download
BTF121 7 Motorcycle MAT Turntable O&M Manual Download