Movetech UK strengthens workforce with Fitters Mate, Alex Staines.

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Turntable experts, Movetech UK (Part of the British Turntable Group) has continued to show its commitment to investing in the future by expanding its workforce to facilitate the instantaneous need for additional skilled hands and to bolster their continuous growth.

The latest to join the team is Alex Staines, who hails from nearby Salford, and joins the company as a Fitters Mate.

Alex’s role as a Fitters Mate primarily includes undertaking tasks such as the mechanical installation and derig of rental turntables, located at sites throughout the country. Including being responsible for the servicing of the turntables upon their return, ensuring they are satisfactory for the next customer, and are maintained to the highest of standards.

As well as general every day workshop tasks, additional responsibilities include supporting projects within the factory, helping the turntable technicians and engineers with the fabrication of new units – including the manufacture of Vehicle Access Turntables and Hovair® Air Film Transporters. Alex will also be on hand to help the company’s servicing teams when required, supporting them with site work such as servicing, inspections and repairs, which will assist in prolonging the productivity and efficiency of the company.

“We’ve been impressed with the hard work Alex has shown since his arrival in September [2022],” says Movetech UK’s Operations Director, Russell Entwistle. “As a company, we strongly believe in supporting our colleagues to help them achieve their goals and improve their skill-set. Even though Alex started his role with little to no engineering background or knowledge, he has already learned many new skills within such a small amount of time, and has also completed numerous workplace courses, including health and safety, manual handling, and how to operate a crane and forklift truck.”

Russell added: “Alex has adapted to his role within the company quite quickly and he will continue to follow a structured path that will lead to him learning many new skills which will undoubtedly help with his personal development, in turn, serving Alex, and us, better in the future.”

Tim Entwistle, Movetech UK’s Managing Director, is enthusiastic about the added value the new recruit will bring to the company. “We did have an immediate need for additional skilled hands, especially with the sudden increase in rental productivity over the last 6 months or so.

“Throughout the global coronavirus pandemic, we saw many of our core rental sectors such as the exhibition, television and film industries all deflate and this pretty much ceased our rental productivity, and if we didn’t have a strategy plan in place to cope with this, who knows what could have happened, but we implemented our plans to get through it, and thankfully we survived it.”

Tim went on to say: “Over the last 6 months or so, we have noticed these sectors have suddenly sprung back in to life, and our rental service is currently thriving, this is where Alex comes in, he will be vital in supporting the rental side of the business.

“We believe that our investment in a flexible workforce has been key to our remaining in business through more than one recession, and most recently a global pandemic, where we implemented our survival strategies, that ensured we did not compromise on our core strategic directional goals. Nevertheless, just as important, was the need to continue investing in the company’s future.

“Our recruitment drive has always focused on finding high calibre, motivated people with the intelligence and aptitude to learn, combined with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. Alex is no exception to this, and in just a few months, he has already proven to be a significant part of our team.”

Movetech UK take pride in the flexibility of their workforce, which they say is vital to providing the high-quality service they offer. Since 1959 Movetech UK (British Turntable Co Limited) has been serving its customers’ needs, the skills of the workforce have evolved, such that they now have highly versatile, competent and adaptable people capable of dealing with whatever opportunities and challenges they are presented with.

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