Museums and heritage

Add movement, attract attention!

By using a turntable to display an inanimate historic object you will almost immediately create attention, therefore enticing visitors. By placing it on a turntable and introducing movement it will immediately draw visitors towards any piece. Visitors get to see from all, regardless of where they are standing.

When it comes to movement, we will help you create your concepts and attract more visitors.

Recommended products:

Applications suitable for heritage/museum environments include:

For much larger displays we supply revolving stages from 1m up to 33m in diameter. So the possibilities are endless when it comes to rotating your desired objects.

Rent or buy

A range of our products are available to rent. Our reliable and cost effective rental service is widely used for exhibitions and live events, TV commercials, dramas and films, music videos, product launches and reveals; anything, in fact, where you need movement for a one-off, short term project.

Take a look at our rental page for more information.

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