We really appreciate feedback, it helps us to improve our business. Below are some kind words from our amazing customers…

I would recommend the product to anyone…

“Since using the turntable, which features on the company’s online tutorial videos, both the designs and their display methods have had plenty of positive comments. The cakes look so much better on the carousel. The Movetech UK turntable is the perfect complement to what we do. I would recommend the product to anyone in our business. If you’re showing off a design, make sure you’re doing it properly. The turntable has elevated our displays to the highest level.”

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School
Created the most amazing dynamic…

“Being able to include a revolving stage in two of our main auditorium productions this season has been fantastic. Without the generous support of Movetech UK and the sheer quality of their product we would not have been able to produce such an ambitious vision for either of the two plays.

“The Movetech UK revolve has created the most amazing dynamic for the mis-en-scène. It has immediately enhanced the quality of our stage design and the performance in general. Moreover being able to use a revolve at the Octagon has given something extraordinary to our audiences’ theatre experience. As a director it also allows a sense of freedom and the opportunity to work with the Company in a different way.”

Octagon Theatre (Bolton)
All very pleased with the result…

“I’d designed the The National Lottery Awards Show in previous years,” explains Alex Craig, “but the difference this time around was to reveal the live Lotto draw at the end of the programme. I realised that using a turntable would offer a solution and, accompanied by music, lights and pyrotechnics, would create an exciting visual moment.

“The smoothness of the revolve was paramount, given that the National Lottery draw masters were pre-positioned on it, revealing themselves and the Lotto machine as it turned. Reliability was also imperative: the live draw was too important to be interrupted through technical issues! I’d used revolving stages from Movetech UK before, so they were my first port of call. They were efficient at providing the information asked for, from pricing to technical specifications and logistics, and delivered. The BBC, The National Lottery and myself were all very pleased with the result.”

BBC - National Lottery Awards
Offering a completely different experience…

“Nick Cook is highly creative and forward thinking. He simply wanted our showroom to stand out from the competition by offering a completely different experience from your average car dealership. His concept for the turntables is inspired. They certainly exceed customers’ expectations of buying BMW and encourage customer loyalty. They’re completely overwhelmed when they enter the collection area and find their car revolving, so much so, in fact, that we’ve even had tears of joy to deal with! Not only that, but other BMW dealers visit us to see what we’ve done that’s so special. Without exception, they go away impressed and determined to be creative in their own showrooms.”

Williams BMW (Bolton)
Our customers are delighted…

“Our customers are delighted with the way movement brings life to their exhibition stands. The revolving stages are brilliant at drawing attention to the cars in a very competitive market, with the movement creating a natural light show, and our 24/7 service is always highly valued.”

Metel DXB
The most practical and cost-effective solution by far…

“With only a third of the warehouse having the capacity for larger items, and another third being used for smaller storage, served by a smaller crane and forklift trucks, we were left with the final third to convert to storage for 85 tonne electric transformers. The problem was: how? The air film solution offered by Movetech UK has proved to be the most practical and cost-effective solution by far, particularly as we have been able to keep the whole of the rest of the warehouse operational during installation.”

London & Cambridge Properties (LCP)