Video: Music video production featuring a Movetech UK revolving stage turntable.

Turn your project around with a Revolving Stage Turntable!

Whether you want to add excitement to your retail or exhibition display, create spectacular film sequences, produce dynamic TV commercials or wow your audience at your product launch, there’s probably a standard Movetech UK revolving stage turntable that will meet your needs. And if there isn’t, we can build one to your exact specification.

Available in diameters from 1m to 33m, in 1m increments, Movetech UK revolving stage turntables are used across the world in car showrooms, concert venues, conference presentations, exhibition halls, fashion shows, film sets, theatre productions, TV shows, and museum and heritage visitor centres.

You can move your audience or move your merchandise; you can create stunning music videos, or add drama to live theatre, events and opera.

Durable, reliable and superb product quality

With nearly 60 years experience behind us, we offer excellent customer service and superb product quality – our products often outlive their design life, and many units are still working after tens of years in service. With a first class rental team to match, we supply revolving stage turntables to the biggest names in the industry.

Revolving stage turntables can add that extra WOW to any film and television production. Movement attracts, so whether it’s for a live TV show, a commercial, or maybe to incorporate special effects to any production set – your audience will surely be amazed!

Add excitement and introduce an element of surprise to your new product reveal by incorporating a revolving stage turntable! Enabling you to ‘show off’ your product by adding 360 degree movement to amaze your audience – they’ll definitely be amazed!

You can quite easily incorporate a revolving stage turntable within your theatre or live production show. Within the theatre industry, using a revolving stage turntable can give you the opportunity to instantly change your sets within a matter of seconds – saving time, as well as wowing your audience!

A wide range of options:
  • Diameters from 1m to 33m – from stock
  • Double and ring revolves – from stock
  • Fully programmable via DMX
  • Linear movement using Hovair air film technology
  • Short or long term rental service
  • Worldwide installation teams
Delivery & Installation

Our delivery, installation, on site and removal service is available worldwide – giving you peace of mind, and demonstrating our commitment to you, the customer.

Reliable and cost-effective Rental service

Our reliable and cost effective rental service is widely used for exhibitions and live events, TV commercials, dramas and films, music videos, product launches and reveals; anything, in fact, where you need movement for a one-off, short term project.

Our rental turntables range from simple, lightweight product display carousels through to revolving stages for music and other live events – and everything in between.

Whatever you need, we’ll discuss your requirements with you and, if the diameters and capacities of our standard rental revolves don’t quite match, we’ll offer to tailor a unit to suit your needs. This might include options such as a static centre, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation or, in the case of a revolving stage we have optional DMX control should you need it.

Dedicated website

Visit our dedicated Revolving Stage Turntables website for more detailed information and to view a wide range of photos and videos from projects featuring Movetech UK revolving stage turntables.

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