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Add special effects to your Film productions!

Rental turntables can add that extra ‘WOW’ to any film production. Incorporating movement within your movie production can most certainly enhance your special effects – and the end results will undoubtedly leave your audience amazed!

Add a new dimension to your television commercials!

With millions of people potentially viewing a TV commercial, you need to stand out from the crowd. Whatever you’re showing off – movement is a great way of adding something special and giving your audience something amazing to look at!

Surprise your audience with a ‘wow’ product reveal!

Add excitement and introduce an element of surprise to your new product reveal by incorporating a rental revolving turntable! Enabling you to ‘show off’ your product by adding 360 degree movement to amaze your audience!!

Quickly change your theatre stage sets in seconds!

Incorporate a rental revolving stage turntable within your theatre or live production show, and it can give you the opportunity to instantly change your sets within a matter of seconds – saving time, as well as exciting your audience!

Add movement and attract people to your exhibit!

Introducing movement within an exhibition stand can definitely help attract the eyes of passers-by. Movement is proven to attract attention, so if you would like to add a new dimension to your exhibit – a turntable is definitely the answer.

Movement will make your music videos sing with excitment!

Rental turntables can add that extra dimension to any music video. It’s proven that movement attracts, so adding a rental turntable can incorporate special visual effects to any production set – which will undoubtedly amaze your audience!

Product ranges available for Rental

A wide range of product are available to rent on a short or long term basis.

Contact our rental team for more information and pricing!

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