Product Range
Product Range

Vehicle turntables provide effective access solutions, from improving car parking provision in city office blocks, to enabling truck access to sites that would not otherwise be accessible.

Use air instead? Unlike wheels, air skates provide omni-directional capabilities, meaning that a load can be moved in any direction without the need for complex turning manoeuvres.

Introducing movement in a retail environment can help increase sales by attracting more customers with animated displays. With a wide range of movements, there’s something for everyone!

Available in diameters from 1m to 33m, Movetech UK revolving stage turntables are used across the world in car showrooms, concert venues, exhibition halls, film sets – the list is endless.

Not everyone can fit their materials handling movement requirement into a neat sector, but we are specialists at bespoke solutions – so we will help you find the perfect solution.

A high load to self-weight ratio provides minimal rolling resistance through the use of high quality bearings and wheels. Available to suit nearly all operating conditions.