JUNG Hydraulic Jacks & Machinery Skates
JUNG Hydraulic Jacks & Machinery Skates

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Effortlessly manoeuvre your heavy loads with JUNG Jacks and Skates

Through the use of high quality material and innovative design, JUNG lifting jacks combine high performance in a light weight construction with superb safety in operation.

Available in capacities of 5 to 50 tonnes, they provide fine control on raising or lowering, while their swivelling load stability feet give close access to the machinery side. The G Plus series also incorporates an adjustable toe height and swivelling ±6º safety toe with patented lifting block slide shoes to minimise friction, ensure stability and prevent seizure.

With a load capacity of 1 to 120 tonnes as standard, JUNG machinery skates combine flexibility and operational performance when transporting heavy or awkward loads.

Specialist applications

Where standard JUNG equipment is not appropriate for specialist applications, Movetech UK can offer advice and a design and build service for:

  • JPW purpose built low profile wheeled transporters, which can be length adjustable, all wheel steering, or incorporate lifting systems
  • JHB heavy duty manual and powered pedestrian operated lift trucks
  • JD manual and powered pressure blocks for controlled, even lifting of multiple jacks

A high load to self-weight ratio provides minimal rolling resistance through the use of high quality bearings and wheels. Steel or swarf resistant tyred rollers are available to suit operating conditions.

For more information and technical advice, please contact our sales and technical teams who will be more than happy to help you.

Quality as standard

You can always trust the quality and persistence of JUNG products. To manufacturer the highest quality, each unit is constructed using high-tech modern machines and quality is also assured by a certified quality management system.

State of the art CNC technology, advanced welding robots and a certified quality management system assures a consistently high level of product quality, each and every time.

Each product is subjected to a pre-shipment function test and receives a test badge displaying the next maintenance check due date.

Dedicated website

Visit our dedicated JUNG Hydraulic Jacks & Machinery Skates website for more detailed information and to view the full range of JUNG products we have to offer in the latest catalogue.

Simply visit www.machineryskates.com.