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A range of commercial organisations such as visitor and heritage centres, museums, theatres, conference venues, entertainment centres, restaurants and bars, exhibition contractors and TV and film companies, use the engineering expertise at Movetech UK to:

  • Enhance the visitor and customer experience
  • Control visitor flow
  • Optimise available space
  • Add impact and value
  • Create a unique selling point (USP)

Whether the requirement is for: a revolving bar or dance floor, an observation platform, a revolving stage, revolving auditorium, seating platform, or for other purpose-engineered equipment – to move scenery or re-position seating blocks, for instance – Movetech UK can provide a solution to meet customers' specific requirements, whatever the size of the job.

Where required, Movetech UK will provide a control and positioning interface, working in partnership with others to ensure current Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) regulations are maintained.

Typical projects have included an 8 metre diameter revolving auditorium for the Theatr Botanica in the National Garden of Wales, a stunning revolving bar for the prestigious Crewe Hall in Cheshire and a 28 metre diameter revolving seating platform for the Home Planet area of the Millennium Dome, the attraction's only 'ride'.


Industrial concerns such as foundries, repair work shops, fabrication and assembly halls, process plants, steel mills, paper mills, power generation facilities, order picking and packing facilities, automotive production line facilities and general manufacturers use Movetech UK's expertise to:

  • Automate processes
  • Improve ergonomics
  • Minimise operator effort
  • Optimise use of space
  • Increase throughput
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce reliance on forklift replenishment

Movetech UK designs and builds a range of equipment for industrial applications to almost any size and capacity, manual or powered, using a multifaceted engineering approach to design and build.

From manual manipulator devices with simple forward and backward movement, to automated positioning systems, Movetech UK offers efficient, flexible and cost-effective mechanical handling solutions that will present equipment to the production line, or product to the operator, whilst improving ergonomics, minimising operator effort and reducing reliance on forklift replenishment.

Typical applications include: simple bench-mounted assembly turntables; product accumulators to assist in order processing; manual and powered turntables to improve loading efficiency; large revolves to support and turn paper reels; high capacity foundry turntables with automatic control to turn large castings for fettling; traversers and rail-mounted revolves to alter the direction of railed or wheeled vehicles; production line feeder turntables to minimise use of forklift trucks; and equipment to present goods to a production facility in the correct orientation.

If you would like more information, technical help or would like to know more about a product, please don't hesitate to give us a call; +44(0)1204 525626, or simply send us an email, our sales and technical teams will be more than happy to help you.

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