Non-destructive testing

Durable and efficient testing solutions

Turntables and positioners are used by a number of organisations, including commercial test houses, to test assemblies or finished items. Tests include: remote visual, ultrasonic or X-ray inspection, antennae and electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) testing and radar crosssection examination.

Non-destructive test positioners can:

  • Speed up the test procedure
  • Ensure tests are done in a limited space
  • Help automate test procedures
  • Increase efficiency

Test laboratories worldwide rely on Movetech UK's expert advice and assistance to design and build turntables and positioners to suit the task.

Movetech UK can accommodate equipment under test (EUT), be it large or small, and provide repeated, accurate azimuth positioning with manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic-powered positioners. Test equipment can be designed for installation within a laboratory, or open to the elements, with construction and control parameters suited to the test environment. Where required, Movetech UK also offers automated control equipment to interface with other test equipment and the EUT.

As testing needs and inspection facilities are wide and varied, Movetech UK builds specifically to meet individual customers' requirements, whether it is for a 15 kg capacity lift and lower platform with a rotary indexer or a 12 metre diameter computer controlled precision indexer for a fighter aircraft.

Movetech UK's capabilities in this field have resulted in the successful testing of products as diverse as toasters, mobile phones, tanks and heatseeking missiles. Organisations such as IBM, BSI, BT, BAe Systems, GKN Aerospace, RFI, Hewlett-Packard, Mira, Rainford EMC Systems, KTL, Sheffield University, AWE and various defence-related subcontractors have all come to rely on Movetech UK to provide the correct equipment for the project in hand.

Movetech UK test equipment is available with the following options:

  • Repeated, accurate azimuth positioning with or without rotation limits
  • Manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic powered positioners
  • Automated interface and control equipment
  • Internal or external use
  • Weather, corrosion and environmental protection
  • Speed control with soft start and/or stop
  • Remote control
  • Data connectivity to EUT
  • Easy portability for relocation of test equipment
  • Security features
  • Safety features

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