Kind words from our happy customers/clients:

  • "I was delighted to find that Movetech UK made turntables in a whole range of different sizes, so there was one the perfect diameter for my project," said James. "It helped generate a lot more interest in the model. I was able to show off the physical surfaces all the way round, instead of people having to squeeze around the back of the stand."
    James Hughes, Coventry University Student

  • "We organise lots and lots of fashion shows and there is a pressure to do something new and different each time. We needed something fun, but not gimmicky, and came up with the idea of the revolving stage. It worked really well, it drew in a lot of attention and gave the show the innovative edge we were hoping for."
    Jo Prosser, Maynineteen

  • "We use the air skates in the chocolate bar production area. To move our machines takes around five minutes from start to finish. I like using them because they don't damage the floor and then they don't move once you've put them down. You inflate them, move the machine, put it down and it stays put. We don't even have to re-level the machine."
    Tony Bond, Kinnerton

  • "We needed the turntable for the ITV Tonight 'Obesity Timebomb' programme for a quick turnaround studio shoot of models' bodies. We also used the turntable to display food, shooting from a low angle to give much-needed movement to what ordinarily would have been very static pictures. Renting the revolve is best for us, particularly for such a quick turnaround, as Movetech UK can deliver at short notice from stock, and we don't need to store the turntable for long periods."
    Peter Hall, Scotframe Timber