Company History

Established 1959

Movetech UK, as part of British Turntable Co, began in November 1959 as Bolton Turntable Co Ltd, manufacturing a single product, a turntable to turn a car in an automobile showroom.

This was a novel idea at the time, even worldwide, and the company subsequently prospered by designing and manufacturing a range of display turntables that would benefit every type of shop in the high street.

"Swinging sixties"

The company enjoyed steady growth through the sixties when, in "swinging 60s" London, large fashion outlets and smaller boutiques found movement attracted shoppers; exporting began in a small ways in 1965; and in 1968 a rental division was established to satisfy the short term demands of television shows, exhibitions and product launches.

Rental Division

Today the rental division is an important part of the company's operations, with the London depot regularly supplying to major TV and film producers, and barely an exhibition going by without a Movetech UK revolve being used as a sign, to display a product, or to revolve the stand itself.

Exporting Growth

1972 saw a name change to British Turntable Co Ltd to reflect the growing importance of exporting. The company has now exported to 140 countries throughout the world.

Hovair acquisition

Supplying industry with turntables evolved in the 1970s, and this side of the business has grown extraordinarily, particularly through the acquisition in 2004 of Hovair Systems and Cawley Marine Industrial.

It was this growing diversity that demanded, in 2008, a further name change, this time to Movetech UK.

Currently the display division offers almost 100 standard movement products and revolving stages, with a separate range available for the car showroom.

Still a family run business, the company is now run by John's son, Tim Entwistle (Managing Director) alongside his brother Russell Entwisle (Operations Director) - with their team of dedicated and talented professionals behind them.

The company thrives on its design and engineering base, dedicated to quality and service, proud of its past and moving forward with enthusiasm and dedication.