Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry

Something heavy to move? Not a problem!

The requirements of those working in heavy industry to move and position components, or machines, are frequently unique to their industry and varied in nature.

Often requiring bespoke designed materials handling solutions, which is where our expertise excels. The equipment being manoeuvred may be heavy and physically large, but may still need positioning to precise requirements, sometimes in arduous conditions.

Over the years we have worked in the power generation and distribution industries, aerospace, marine, rail and vehicle industries (military and civil). Employing our knowledge of air-film technology, mechanical movement techniques, electrical/pneumatic/hydraulic drive and control technology.

Our engineers have worked on projects as diverse as manoeuvring canal barges from low loader delivery truck into production facilities, assembling and moving aero-engines through production facilities, moving 80 tonne high voltage transformers for efficient storage, transporting 30 tonne pallets of architectural glass into and out of processing machinery, extracting 35 tonne magnets for servicing from scientific research establishments, etc.

We take pride in providing materials handling solutions that are reliable, safe, efficient and which are of value to your organisation. We have an excellent history of repeat business from our customers which we trust is indicative of the overall service we provide.

If you would like more information, technical help or would like to know more about a product, please don't hesitate to give us a call; +44(0)1204 525626, or simply send us an email, our sales and technical teams will be more than happy to help you.

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