Case Study – ITV Tonight (TV Programme)
Case Study – ITV Tonight (TV Programme)
Revolve Provides Film Crew with Quick Turnaround Solution

The producer /director of the ITV Tonight programme Obesity Timebomb wanted a studio shoot of models to illustrate different body shape and to highlight the disturbing facts behind increasing obesity in the UK. Footage of displays of healthy food was also required for the programme.


The static nature of the subject matter, particularly the food, was likely to result in dull, uninspiring images. The crew wanted to add movement to the shoot, but they needed a short-term, cost-effective solution and they needed it quickly.


The revolve, a standard 1m diameter display carousel turntable, was rented on a short term basis in order to introduce movement into the shoot and allow interesting low-angle shots of the food displays. The carousel used was from an extensive range of stock turntables and revolving stages available up to 33m in diameter.

The range also incorporates pendulum and oscillating movement, small battery and mains powered point of sale turntables from 12cm in diameter. Producer/director Kim Hughes said: “Renting the revolve was best for us, particularly for such a quick turnaround, as Movetech UK can deliver at short notice from stock.”