Attract customers in your showroom with an automotive turntable or platform

Movetech UK automotive turntables are built to a unique design that provides a stable, high capacity rotating platform. With a choice of very different automotive turntables you can rest assured that whatever your automobile movement problem, Movetech UK have the solution.

In the automotive and exhibition environment, movement adds a dynamic dimension to any automotive display. A Movetech UK car turntable can create impressive product launches or reveals by moving the audience or the merchandise as required, helping to draw attention to your product and increase sales.

With nearly 60 years experience behind us, we offer excellent customer service and superb product quality – our products often outlive their design life, and many units are still working after tens of years in service. With a first class rental team to match, we supply revolving stage turntables to the biggest names in the industry.

Revolving stage turntables can add that extra WOW to any film and television production. Movement attracts, so whether it’s for a live TV show, a commercial, or maybe to incorporate special effects to any production set – your audience will surely be amazed!

Add excitement and introduce an element of surprise to your new product reveal by incorporating a revolving stage turntable! Enabling you to ‘show off’ your product by adding 360 degree movement to amaze your audience – they’ll definitely be amazed!

You can quite easily incorporate a revolving stage turntable within your theatre or live production show. Within the theatre industry, using a revolving stage turntable can give you the opportunity to instantly change your sets within a matter of seconds – saving time, as well as wowing your audience!

The Merlin® Major 21 car revolve is virtually invisible in operation, allowing vehicles to be rotated as if by magic. Used across the world by major car manufacturers in car showrooms, exhibitions and for product launches, the Merlin® Major 21 combines eye-catching movement with ease of installation.

Designed to rotate the majority of contemporary vehicles, the revolve is ideal for turning both smaller family sized saloons and larger prestige marquees up to 2,500kg in weight. This flexibility ensures that a full vehicle stock can be rotated, enabling attractive yet cost-effective displays to be created.

Totally portable and requiring no floor fixing, the robust, compact, versatile and extremely smooth running Merlin® Major 21 can even be used outdoors, operating from the cars own 12 volt battery, opening it up for forecourt use, launch events, special vehicle brand displays or promotions at the local shopping mall.

Like revolving stage turntables, the Merlin® Major 21 features 5 amp slip rings to provide an electrical connection to the rotating element, thereby enabling further lighting and other special effects.

The Olympian Turntable is a 4.5m diameter 2 tonne capacity full platform revolve designed with the car show room in mind.

The Olympian has carved a distinctive niche for itself in car showrooms and exhibition halls across the world because it combines elegance with ease of installation. The units low profile allows it to be installed on top of an existing showroom floor, and it comes fully finished with an arrtactive decorative top.

This completely stable full platform revolve provides great value for money, potentially increasing car sales by creating the excitement of a motor show in the display area.

Please note! This product range is currently undergoing production improvements. If you would like to know more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our reliable and cost effective rental service is widely used for exhibitions and live events, TV commercials, dramas and films, music videos, product launches and reveals; anything, in fact, where you need movement for a one-off, short term project.

Our rental turntables range from simple, lightweight product display carousels through to revolving stages for music and other live events – and everything in between.

Whatever you need, we’ll discuss your requirements with you and, if the diameters and capacities of our standard rental revolves don’t quite match, we’ll offer to tailor a unit to suit your needs. This might include options such as a static centre, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation or, in the case of a revolving stage we have optional DMX control should you need it.