British Turntable Brings Workwear To Life


British Turntable revolves are at the centre of an exhibition stand designed and built by Imagine Events for clients Russell Europe and are being used in a work environment themed display at a series of European exhibitions.

The two turntable motors supplied by British Turntable drive the upper and lower cogs of a simple ‘machine’ to animate the display of a range of Russell Workwear clothing.

Imagine’s Peter Ralph explains: “The animation was crucial to the concept. By fixing garments to the upper and lower cogs and to the shaft, then rotating them in opposing directions, upper and lower garments came into alignment with each other, emphasising the many different colour ways and possible top and trouser combinations.

“We extended the working environment theme by building the display into a bespoke wooden crate fronting a scaffold structure, which formed the main workwear garment display, then added various electrical components as props extended the working environment theme. We even included a working hand control – as it comprised a remote power control unit the salesperson was able to stop the rotation once the preferred garment combinations were in alignment, and discuss the options with his customer.

“The display has been so successful that there are plans to instal the unit as a more permanent display feature in one of the client’s distributor showrooms.”

The revolves used to create the display are a B200 turntable and a USD100 ceiling-mounted unit, both from British Turntable’s range of more that 100 standard display turntables, many of which are available for short term hire.

The range includes PoP oscillator and pendulum movement, rotary units from 12 cm up to 10 metres in diameter with optional extras such as slip rings, static centres, positional or timed hesitation, variable speed and oscillation. Ceiling-mounted revolves are particularly effective where space is tight as they allow products to be displayed without taking up valuable floor, counter or shelf space. They are also very successful at increasing footfall to a particular part of the retail or supermarket environment because of their high visibility and movement.

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