British Turntable Experiences Sweet Smell of Success


British Turntable experienced the sweet smell of success at the Paris Cosmeeting show when stand designers, Active Exhibitions created a stunning exhibition stand for a large international perfume company using point-of-purchase turntables to launch a new brand of perfume.

With a brief to design and manufacture an exhibition stand that would display the new brand, which incorporated ten lines, to the best possible advantage, Active Exhibitions created ten minimalist-style cabinets, each using a single chrome pole to support a single product line. It was important that the bottles of perfume could be viewed from angles, however at this stage it was important that they should not be accessible as they were mock-ups and not the final products.

“The best way to achieve this was to make the products rotate,” explains Paul Rickman of Active Exhibitions, “and we achieved this by using a small point-of-purchase revolve from British Turntable in each cabinet. As we required each product to be illuminated independently we opted for models with a power facility so that we could place a small LED at the top of each chrome pole to light the liquid within the bottles.

“Everyone was very pleased with the outcome – the stand was well visited and admired.”

The ten PS10s revolves used on the stand are from British Turntable’s standard range of point-of-purchase movement and display turntables, which now number more than 100, many available for short term hire for exhibition or temporary displays. The range includes small battery and powered point of purchase revolves, oscillators and pendulum movement as well as large rotary carousels capable of carrying heavy white goods or furniture. Units can be combined to create more complex displays and optional extras such as static centres, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation are also available.

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