British Turntable Moves Engines with Ease


A 3 metre revolving stage hired from by British Turntable is making a significant contribution to a stunning exhibition stand designed by Hub Design for Perkins Industrial Engines and Caterpillar, following Hub’s success in using movement at Agratechnica, where the stand they designed for Perkins was a runner up in Event Magazine’s design awards.

So impressed was Hub Design with the revolve’s performance at Agratechnica that they bought several more for the combined Perkins/Caterpillar exhibition stand to complement the hired 3 metre revolving stage. The mirror-image design with its shared hospitality area has also been nominated for a design award, the winners of which will be announced in the autumn.

The stand, which will be travelling to exhibitions throughout Europe and the USA, uses an imaginative combination of overhanging plasma screens and turntable movement to bring the display to life and add interest.

Andy Murrell, director of Hub Designs, explains, “We brought in movement because it creates such an attractive environment and adds interest to the product. While the engine is revolving we run a video on the plasma screen above it, timing the movement so that individual components and features of the engine are simultaneously described as they came into view. It is an extremely effective tool and is winning us some rave reviews.

“We turned to British Turntable for the movement because they have the best reputation in the business and were able to provide us with a revolve large enough and robust enough to carry the engine, which weighs in excess of 2 tonnes. As the engine is mounted centrally on a pole the movement also needs to be smooth and stable, and British Turntable’s excellent engineering could provide us with this important aspect of reliability.”

Revolves supplied by British Turntable make regular appearances at exhibitions the world over to add interest and attract attention. The standard range of display turntables, which now includes more than 100 items, incorporates models from 12 centimetres to 12 metres in diameter. Larger turntables and other movement, rotary or linear, mechanical or air film, can be built to order.

Many units are available for short term hire from depots in the UK and Europe, and many of British Turntable’s distributors can also offer a hire service in other parts of the world. Oscillation, positional or timed hesitation, static centres and other options can be provided on both sale and hire models.

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