A British Turntable Merlin Major 21 revolve has been chosen by Spear Motors for their Mercedes Benz and Jeep showroom in Kampala, Uganda to add style to the sales area and improve car sales.

The revolve is currently being used to draw attention to a smart Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. “The Merlin Major is working great,” says Spear Motors’s Sales Director, Gilbert Wavamunno. “It’s problem-free and has helped make the Jeep showroom more dynamic! The movement really adds interest and is very good at attracting customers to the models we most want them to see.”

Spear Motors have been customers of British Turntable since 1997 and have used Merlins in various showrooms as well as at outdoor exhibitions and shows.

The Merlin Major 21 is particularly well-suited to such multiple uses as it is very portable, making it easy to move around the showroom or to other sales or display areas to change focus, draw attention to the latest promotion or new model or to create a really simple, but stunning product reveal.

It is practically invisible in operation; the car is simply supported on four wheel pads emanating from a central motor so that it appears to turn as if by magic. The movement is smooth and gentle and, if the revolving car comes up against a person or other obstruction, the turntable will stop and pause, resuming its graceful movement when the barrier has been removed.

Importantly, it can be powered from the vehicle’s own 12 volt battery, which avoids the hazard of trailing wires.

British Turntable was founded in 1959 on a single request for a car showroom turntable and has been continuously developing, updating and improving on the original model ever since. “The automotive industry is very keen on using stylish and sophisticated display methods, whether in the showroom or at exhibitions,” says John Entwistle, British Turntable’s founder and Managing Director. “Trends come and go, and very occasionally movement goes out of favour. But, as it is one of the most effective ways of attracting customers and helping along the buying process, it has come full circle again, and we are currently experiencing an upturn in enquiries for and sales of our automotive display revolves.”

British Turntable now offer a number of full platform revolves for automotive display, including the attractive and portable Olympian 4.5 metre diameter turntable and a range of revolving stages, from 2 metre diameter upwards, which can be mounted above the showroom floor or flush-fitted for an even more stylish and elegant sales environment.