British Turntable puts Tardis in a Spin


Carousel turntables supplied by British Turntable’s London depot have helped Experience Design put a spin on a Doctor Who exhibition, where they are being used to revolve the TARDIS and a model of the top of Big Ben, which featured in the 2005 series of the popular television show.

The exhibition opened in the summer on Brighton Pier to rave reviews, and elements of the inaugural exhibition are now being shown in other parts of the UK, including Cardiff’s Red Dragon Centre and the National Space Centre in Leicester, where the revolving elements are featured.

“We decided to use turntables because they allowed us to emulate the spinning of the TARDIS as it moves through time,” says Experience Design’s Martin Wilkie. “The movement is very important to the Doctor Who theme, and it has certainly contributed greatly to the exhibition’s success. From past experience of using turntables we have learned that the movement attracts attention, and rotary movement helps visitors to get an all-round view of an exhibit from a single vantage point.”

The turntables, a Midi Carousel to turn the TARDIS and a Mini Carousel the model of Big Ben, are from British Turntable’s standard range of display products, which are used widely in the retail, heritage and exhibition industries to add focus and draw attention to particular promotions and displays. The robust Midi Carousel, when used with extension arms, is capable of carrying displays up to 1.8m wide, 2.44m high and 500kg in weight, while the popular Mini Carousel will carry displays up to 1.5m wide, 1.5m high and up to 227kg in weight. Both are available for short term hire for special or temporary exhibitions.

The Doctor Who exhibition was designed by Experience Design and built by ESM of Gravesend.

More information on current venues can be found on the websites at or

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