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When the rental team at Movetech UK was asked by Equinox TV to provide a revolving stage for a new CSL TV commercial, little did they realise that it would involve a 21 hour working day building the stage outside mostly in sub-zero temperatures. But the team showed they were no couch potatoes and stepped up to the plate, fulfilling all the client’s requirements, and more, leaving Equinox to produce a stunning commercial that broke the mould of traditional furniture store advertising.

Matt Forrest, rental manager at Movetech UK’s southern office, explains: “The call time for us to install the revolving stage was 5.30am – right in the middle of some of the worst December weather the UK’s ever experienced.”

“The revolve had to be set up on the main lawn outside the entrance to the superb 19th century Peckforton Castle Hotel in Cheshire. Because of the frost and the snow we were asked to protect the grass area where the turntable was to be installed, so we hit on the idea of constructing the stage on top of a spare 5 metre deck.”

“Fortunately the weather that day was dry, although temperatures didn’t rise above zero, and as it was before dawn the light was very poor. Nevertheless we had the turntable ready by 8am. It was at this point we were told that they wouldn’t be using it until dark that evening!”

“The turntable was completed with a black shiny finish to the top on which the sofas and models would be filmed that evening.”

“The only real problems we had with the temperature was ice – the frost was coming down so fast it was a constant battle to keep the surface clear.”

“It was gone midnight when shooting finished, at which point we set about dismantling the turntable (in the dark), finishing around 2.30 am.”

“It was a very challenging job due to the weather, but at the same time it was good fun, and we were very well looked after by the production company, Equinox TV.”

The resulting commercial featured models dancing and singing to Duran Duran’s 1981 hit ‘Girls on Film’ while demonstrating CSL’s sofas both inside and outside the luxury hotel, ending a tradition of selling sofas on constant sale prices.

The revolving stage installed by Movetech UK is from an extensive range of units from 1 to 33 metres in diameter, all available to rent or buy, with or without full on site installation and support services. DMX control interface is available, and Movetech UK also offers annular rings and scissor lifts to provide optimum flexibility. Quality and reliability are built in to both the equipment and service provided.

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