Movetech UK takes centre stage with Fremantle for the fourth consecutive series of popular TV gameshow – Blankety Blank


Movetech UK has worked with professional television production company Fremantle to create a speedy and dynamic studio set reveal for the popular British TV gameshow, Blankety Blank – hosted by television presenter and personality, Bradley Walsh.

The turntable experts supplied a 6m revolving stage to the production company, which played a huge part throughout the gameshow, with the stage positioned in a prime spot within the main studio, allowing the production team to reveal two different sets, in just a few seconds, simply by rotating the revolving stage 180 degrees.

The initial set on the revolving stage consists of a sole large electronic screen displaying the Blankety Blank logo, whilst the host welcomes the celebrities taking part in the gameshow.

Once the host is ready to introduce the contestants, the revolve is simply rotated 180 degrees to reveal the two gameshow contestants who are taking part in the show – making it a surprise for all involved, including the contestants, celebrities, host and audience.

At the finale of the gameshow, the revolve is once more rotated 180 degrees, saying goodbye to the losing contestant, and again revealing the larger sole electronic gameboard on the other side, used for the finalist to answer their final question – making it a simple, yet very effective concept.

“We were initially contacted by the production company in 2020 to supply a rental revolving stage turntable for the Blankety Blank gameshow Christmas special,” explained Movetech UK’s Customer Support Specialist, Kamil Winogrodzki.

“It was essential the revolve could be easily controlled and effortlessly rotated 180 degrees as and when required, to reveal two different sets. The production team also required an electrical supply to the stages rotating platform, which we could easily help with, using our turntable slip rings function, offering an electrical supply to the rotating surface without the worry of any wiring and cables being tangled.

“Overall, the revolve definitely added a sense of excitement, even a ‘wow’ from celebrities on the show, by simply hiding the two contestants on the other side before being revealed and introduced.”

Kamil went on to say: “The quick turnaround offered the gameshow a speedy and dynamic set change and reveal, removing the need for multiple static sets within the studio, which would undoubtedly take up valuable studio space, so using a revolving stage was 100% a great idea by the production team.

“We were positive the production would work really well, and that’s exactly what it did, with the show being a great success and everything running perfectly! It was that much of a success; the Christmas special was watched by more than six million people, making it the most watched entertainment programme across all channels on Christmas Day that year!

“Fast forward to 2024, and we have recently supplied Fremantle with a revolving stage turntable for a fourth consecutive series of the gameshow in addition to the 2020 Christmas special, demonstrating a positive and lasting partnership, portraying the confidence they have in our products.

“The team at Freemantle are always a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.”

The revolving stage installed by Movetech UK for Blankety Blank is from an extensive range of standard units ranging from 1 to 33 metres in diameter. All are available to rent or buy, with or without full onsite installation and support services. DMX control interface is available, providing optimum flexibility for live events as well as the TV and film industries. Quality and reliability are built in to both the equipment and service provided.

For more information about revolving stage turntables, you can contact Movetech UK’s sales and technical teams via email, or by phone; 01204 525626. For additional product information, media, and more news posts, you can also visit Movetech UK’s website at or Movetech UK’s Revolving Stage Turntable website at

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