GRE Classics in motion at the Goodwood Festival of Speed


GRE Classics showcased their stunning range of children’s ride on cars in style at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed with the help of a Movetech UK revolving turntable.

Clair Jeffreys, founder and director of GRE Classics said “At GRE Classics we design and manufacture ‘Prestigious Products for Children’. Inspired by pioneering family heritage GRE Classics symbolises the best of British using iconic British designs and only the best in British manufacturing, we simplify and celebrate some of Britain’s most memorable designs.”

The revolving turntable was fitted within a bespoke plinth, making the GRE Classics stand resemble that of a prestigious car dealership, though ingeniously focused on children.”

Clair also added: “Our first product was a stunning ride-on car taken from the iconic 1920s Bentley Blower. Admired by Bentley Motors so much, they approached us and asked if we would make one for them, which was recently launched at the Geneva Motor show.”

With the help of Movetech UK’s remarkable turntable we were able to really show off the quality and build of our products in a way no others could. The rotation of the turntable accompanied with the breathtaking craftsmanship of the ride-on car assisted us in attracting attention and stopping visitors in their tracks.”

The turntable worked really well and we are glad we chose to use Movetech UK and their services, we would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to add that extra wow factor to their display.”

The B200 revolving turntable, which was used at the exhibition, has a base flange of 300mm diameter (that can be drilled for fixing) with the rotating plate being 180mm featuring a M10 tapped hole in the middle allowing to affix a cover/plinth. The turntable is 125mm high and rotates at a fixed speed of 2 revolutions per minute with switchable direction. The turntable also has a maximum evenly distributed load capacity of 90kg.

You can view more information on Movetech UK’s B200 turntable and other small carousel turntables by visiting the ‘Small Carousel’ products page, you can also purchase products from Movetech UK’s online shop or contact Movetech UK on 01204 537 680 or

For more details on GRE Classics please visit or call Clair Jeffreys on 07919 338075 or

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