Hilliers Turn Fine China in Style


North east England based independent jewellers, Hilliers, have purchased and installed a further eight British Turntable’s CTK200E rotary movement units in their Middlesbrough store to create stylish and eye-catching displays of fine china gifts from some of the country’s leading manufacturers.

Hilliers have bought a large number of CTK200E units over the years, incorporating them into their own finely-crafted secure wood and glass cabinets to enhance the store experience and to optimise the display area.

Adam Hillier explains: “We use the turntables to create more shop floor space and allow more products to be displayed. The latest units have been installed in our Middlesbrough branch to stock a wide and varied selection of china gifts, but other branches feature moving window displays as well.

“Revolving the cabinet shelves makes it easier for customers to see what we can offer, and with the shop lighting reflecting off the merchandise, the displays really sparkle display, attracting customers and helping our sales figures.”

CTK units are popular the world over with shopfitters, designers, museums and heritage centres, department stores, independents and a range of jewellery and fine porcelain retailers. Designed specifically for installation in a cabinet they provide quiet and reliable operation, enhancing the sales area.

Two models are available, the CTK200E being suitable for top mounting and the CTK215 for bottom mounting. Each comes complete with a drive assembly, upper or lower bearing and upper or lower pivot, depending on whether a top or bottom mounting unit is preferred.

Installation is straightforward. For self-installation by the cabinet manufacturer, the design of the drive allows for easy removal without disturbing the display. Glass shelves (toughened 600mm diameter full circular or 350mm radius ¼ and ½ circle), mounting collars and poles can also be supplied.

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