Hovair® Movement Solutions – Re-branded! Movetech UK unveil new Hovair® logo


For over 40 years Movetech UK have been designing and manufacturing air-film movement solutions, utilising a thin film of compressed air to allow heavy loads to be moved in any direction with almost no friction.

Unlike hovercrafts the air-film principle uses a compressed air system to create a cushion of air less than 1mm, allowing safe and controlled handling of the load. In 2004 Movetech UK acquired the long established Hovair® brand and have since continued to develop and improve this well-known technology, solving load moving challenges for some of the biggest names in aerospace, offshore, nuclear and other industries.

By using Hovair® air-film technology, Movetech UK can offer lower friction and lower floor pressure solutions than conventional wheeled systems, with a 1 tonne load requiring as little at 5kg force to move on air, with omni-directional manoeuvres a unique feature of air-film technology. Whilst typical applications range from 5 to 100 tonnes, using powerful 3D CAD software the specialist design team at Movetech UK can accommodate any size and weight.

So, whether you need to move 1 tonne 100 times, or 100 tonnes just once; whether you need to rotate on the spot or navigate a complex route, let Movetech UK solve your load moving challenge, safely, with a Hovair® movement solution.

The company’s Hovair® brand has recently undergone a major overhaul, and has been re-branded to better suit the products the Hovair® range has to offer. The new branding includes a modern new logo, and a brand-new micro-website solely dedicated to Hovair® movement solutions.

Movetech UK’s marketing department have put a great deal of effort into designing the new branding, and they’re positive the new logo will shine a new light on the Hovair® brand, and by introducing a standalone micro-website, it will offer both new and loyal customers, the chance to view all the information and media they will need – all in one place.

Matt Horrocks, Movetech UK’s Marketing Co-Ordinator said: “We thought it would be a good time to give the Hovair® brand a refresh, mainly because it has become more and more popular over the years, and the old logo didn’t really best represent the Hovair® brand we see today, and with a logo that’s over 20 years old, it was definitely much-needed.”

“We envisage the new logo will give the Hovair® brand a much stronger presence,” added Matt. “It will undoubtedly become a strong asset to the company, and paired with the new dedicated website, we are confident the whole re-brand will help the product range to continue to grow in the future.”

You can see Movetech UK’s new Hovair® logo below. If you would like to visit the new micro-website, simply visit www.hovair.co.uk. If you need further help and advice, or would like more information about Hovair® Movement Solutions, please get in touch with Movetech UK’s Sales and Technical teams, who will be more than happy to help; 01204 525626, info@movetechuk.com.


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