JUNG transport and lifting equipment supplied by Movetech UK continues to bolster Rhenus High Tech’s vital operations across the country


In a testament to the power of enduring partnerships and unparalleled product quality, Movetech UK, the sole UK distributor of JUNG transport and lifting equipment, stands as a critical supplier to Rhenus High Tech, a leading operator in the medical sector. The partnership between the two companies continues to prosper, with Rhenus High Tech periodically procuring JUNG hydraulic jacks and machinery skates from movement specialists, Movetech UK, in addition to entrusting them with expert servicing and repairs.

Movetech UK has earned accolades for its unwavering commitment to supplying precision-engineered products throughout the world, which have seamlessly integrated themselves into a wide range of diverse sectors. These products are revered for their robustness, safety enhancements, and user-friendly features, profoundly enhancing the efficiency and dependability of equipment installation and maintenance processes across various industries.

Rhenus High Tech, a leader in high tech logistics services for advanced medical apparatus and devices, profoundly relies on the products supplied by Movetech UK to ensure the uninterrupted operation of supplying cutting-edge medical machinery throughout the country. The JUNG hydraulic jacks and machinery skates play an indispensable role in the installation and upkeep of diagnostic equipment such as CT scanners, MRI scanners, various cancer treatment medical equipment and other pivotal medical devices, ultimately elevating the quality of patients care who rely upon the medical equipment being readily available.

What sets this partnership apart is Movetech UK’s additional role in servicing and repairing Rhenus High Tech’s transporting and installation equipment. This comprehensive support ensures that Rhenus High Tech’s critical equipment operates at peak performance levels across multiple locations, minimising downtime and safeguarding the delivery of high-quality medical equipment and services.

Tex Hennessey, Staff Trainer at Rhenus High Tech Manchester, expressed his gratification with the enduring partnership, stating, “Our association with Movetech UK spans several years, and their product offerings consistently align with our exacting standards. In our line of work, product reliability is paramount, as any operational downtime can have profound repercussions. We deeply appreciate the quality and efficiency that Movetech UK’s products bring to our operations, not only in the initial supply but also the crucial servicing and repairs facility they offer too.”

Tex went on to say, “The staff at Movetech UK are always friendly and do their best to be accommodating when we need our equipment servicing and repaired, even if it is against tight timescales. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring any movement and transporting equipment, and I would also like to give a special thank you to both Kamil and Jack in Movetech UK’s sales and technical departments, they have always looked after us, and for that, we are truly grateful.”

Jack Farrimond, Movetech UK’s Customer Support Associate added, “We appreciate the kind words from Rhenus High Tech who are always a pleasure to work with, it’s clear to see that Tex and his team are providing a first-class service within a sector where their efforts are vital, and for that, we applaud them, and look forward to our partnership continuing to grow over many more years to come.”

As Movetech UK and Rhenus High Tech continue their partnership, they exemplify the vital role of dependable suppliers in diverse industries. Movetech UK providing top-tier movement solutions, enabling Rhenus High Tech to deliver their professional services across the country.

For more information about JUNG Machinery Skates and Hydraulic Jacks, visit www.machineryskates.com for all the up-to-date product catalogues, media galleries and more. You can also contact Movetech UK’s sales and technical teams for more information via email, info@movetechuk.com or by phone; 01204 525626.

Find out more about Rhenus High Tech by clicking here to visit their website.

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