Large Carousel Turntables

Attract customers and increase sales!

Introducing movement from Movetech UK to the showroom will bring the excitement of an exhibition to the sales floor, helping to attract customers and increasing sales. Our larger carousels will allow you to create stunning displays with lots of impact.

Our Maxi Plus Carousel range are well suited to generating simple, but unique, full circular platform displays, or they can be combined with other movement in our range and, for instance, imaginative lighting effects, to create something really special that stops customers in their tracks.

There are two versions of our standard Maxi Plus Carousels: the Maxi 1000 which is 1m in diameter and has a maximum distributed load of up to 500kg, and the Maxi 1500 which is 1.5m in diameter with a maximum distributed load of up to 700kg.

Product features

  • Unit Diameter: 1-3m (depending on model - inc. extension kits)
  • Unit Weight: from 53kg (depending on model and extension kits)
  • Unit Height: 210-230mm (depending on model)
  • Direction of rotation: clockwise or anti-clockwise (user defined)
  • Speed of rotation: Variable: approx 0.6-1.1rpm (0-6–8rpm for 'Ultra' units)
  • Slip rings: 5amp (all models)
  • Extras: Unfinished MDF decks are available from stock (1m, 1.5m, 2.5m, 3m)
  • Max display properties: See datasheet for specifications

Maximum Display Properties

Maximum display properties assume evenly distributed load. These units are intended for internal use only (contact us if you require a unit for external use). For more information on maximum display properties, view/download our datasheet.

Download/view datasheet

Extension Kits

Extensions kits are available to increase the display area diameter up to 1.8m, 2.5m or 3m in diameter. View product datasheet to see which unit is compatible with the large carousel extension kit options.

Multi-functional control

Multi-functional control units offer additional options such as oscillation and hesitation modes. The control allows the user to define the run mode, in addition to the rotational direction (clockwise/anti-clockwise). Rotational speed can also be defined on the control panel. The control is simple and easy to use and all modes are controlled via switches/knobs situated on the unit's multi-function control box.

Rental Service

Our reliable and cost effective rental service is widely used for exhibitions and live events, TV commercials, dramas and films, music videos, product launches and reveals; anything, in fact, where you need movement for a one-off, short term project.

Whatever you need, we'll discuss your requirements with you and, if the diameters and capacities of our standard rental revolves don't quite match, we'll offer to tailor a unit to suit your needs. This might include options such as a static centre, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation or, in the case of a revolving stage we have optional DMX control should you need it.

For more information, visit out rental page or contact our sales and technical teams today. Telephone: +44 (0)1204 537682, or send an email.

Maxi Plus Lightweight Turntable

The ideal turntable for the photography industry!
Maxi Plus Lightweight Turntable

The Maxi Plus Lightweight (D-006-MP700-LT) carousel turntable is a compact, lightweight unit well suited to the photography and video industry. The unit allows for simple, yet unique, 360-degree images and videos to be taken - without the need for the object/person to be manually moved or adjusted.

The D-006-MP700-LT turntable allows for loads or displays up to 1m in diameter, 2.4m in height and has a maximum distributed load capacity of up to 200kg.

  • 1 - 3rpm variable speed.
  • Clockwise or Anti-clockwise rotation.
  • Supplied with an unfinished 0.7m diameter plywood deck.

You can purchase the Maxi Plus Lightweight (D-006-MP700-LT) carousel turntable online at Movetech UK's online shop. Click here to buy online now - safe and secure!

Download/view datasheet

Product Datasheet (PDF)

For more information simply download our PDF datasheet document. This option is also useful if you would like to print the document or keep the PDF file saved on your device so you've always got it to hand.


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Product Range

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Frequently asked questions?

What is the maximum load weight?

It all depends on the unit, take a look at our product data sheet for full product specifications. Alternatively don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Can i rent/hire large carousel turntables?

Of course you can, our rental, delivery, installation/removal service is available worldwide – giving you peace of mind, and demonstrating our commitment to you, the customer.

How fast do the turntables revolve?

It all depends on the unit, take a look at our product data sheet for full product specifications. Typical speeds for this range are between 0-6–8rpm depending on the model.

Want to know more? Contact our sales and technical team today!