Manual Bearings (Lazy Susans)

No power needed? No problem!

Manual turntables are suitable for static displays that require additional manual rotation. Our wide range of long lasting manual turntables incorporates a variety of sizes, all carefully designed and built to ensure smooth and effortless movement.

Our manual turntables are suitable for all aspects of static display which require any sort of manual rotation. Our wide range of long lasting manual turntables includes a variety of sizes, all carefully made to ensure smooth and effortless movement. Adding both an interactive and practical aspect to any display.

Large Heavy Duty Manual Bearings

When a smaller type of manual bearing is just not enough, you may require a larger heavy duty manual bearing. View/download our Manual turntables PDF datasheet for larger heavy duty manual bearing specifications.

Pressed Metal Manual Bearings

Our Range of Pressed Metal Bearings or Lazy Susan's as they are sometimes known, offer a cost effective solution to introducing movement to manual displays such as Gondolas and Racks displaying such products as jewellery, perfumes, greeting cards etc.

If the focus is on interior fit out then these bearings may be utilised to revolve cash registers 180 degrees or TV's or in the case of restaurants revolving the centre of the table to share a Tapas.

Various sizes available

Available in 3 sizes with display capacity ranging from 135 Kg's for the 100 mm Model up to 450 Kg's for the 300 mm version, with display potential from 300 mm upwards limitations to your potential display design are minimal.

Product Datasheet (PDF)

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Frequently asked questions?

What is the smallest Manual Bearing you supply?

The smallest manual bearing we offer is the D-001-0100 - 4" diameter pressed metal Manual Bearing, with a height of 8mm and a weight of just 0.112kg.

What is the maximum load capacity?

For our 3 standard pressed metal manual bearings, the maximum loads are: D-001-0100 4" Diameter: 135kg, D-001-0150 6" Diameter: 291kg, D-001-0300 12" Diameter: 500kg.

Can i purchase Manual Bearings in bulk?

Of course you can, we can supply most of our retail display movements in bulk. We recommend if you would like to purchase a large quantity, to speak to our sales team first.

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