Movetech UK employee approaches 30 years on British Standards committee


Movetech UK’s Phil Childs has spent three decades sitting on the British Standards Technical Committee TDW4/- an organisation where he currently sits as chairman.

The Sales Manager is an industry veteran of more than 51 years, beginning his career as an apprentice draughtsman at BAE Systems (then British Aerospace) and moving to Movetech UK 15 years ago, where he has held a variety of roles.

As the leader of the UK delegation to ISO TC213 Technical Committee, Phil travels the world learning best practice, as well as influencing the contents of the standards agreements relating to technical drawing, which affect all of British industry. He employs the knowledge acquired by investigating how the best companies around the globe operate and brings the ideas back to the Bolton Company.

He recounts: “At British Aerospace, as chief draughtsman I was responsible for ensuring all drawings produced conformed to British Standard BS308 and International Standards as well as the technical content.

“This led to my involvement with the standards committee and today I lead 20 technical experts chosen from academia and industry to generate and review national and international standards. As chairman I authorise the publication of all national standards relating to Engineering Technical Drawing such as BS8888, which explains which ISO Standards are applicable to UK industry.”

Tim Entwistle, managing director at Movetech UK says “We’re really proud that one of the team holds such an important role on one of the British Standards committees. It certainly keeps us on our toes!”

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