Movetech UK helps showcase the ‘Pimp My Wheelchair’ project


Versatile turntables from Movetech UK (Part of the British Turntable Group) have helped Sheffield based Danny Longmore, owner of ‘Pimp My Wheelchair’ showcase his captivating ‘pimped out’ wheelchair and accessories at various exhibitions and events across the UK.

Danny who was born with arthritis lives day-to-day life with limited mobility therefore requires the use of a wheelchair to get himself around. When Danny is out and about he became fed up with people constantly staring at him because of his wheelchair, so he decided to give them something to stare at, that’s when the budding entrepreneur set up the project ‘Pimp My Wheelchair’.

Not to be hindered by his disability, Danny set to work on ‘pimping out’ his own wheelchair and has so far ‘pimped’ his wheelchair with modified wheels, a custom under-glow lighting kit, solar panels for economical battery life, a Nitrous purge kit and a fully working sound system.

He said: “Like myself, having to use a wheelchair isn’t a choice for some people, and when you’ve got people staring at you because you’re in a wheelchair, it can get quite annoying and make you feel pretty angry. Therefore I decided to give them something to stare at and this prompted me in to starting my very own project which I named ‘Pimp My Wheelchair’.”

“I set to work ‘pimping out’ my wheelchair and once I got to the stage where I was happy with the modifications I was eager to show it off at as many events and exhibitions as I could. As my wheelchair had been modified on the front, back and both sides, I wanted it to be seen from every angle, and this is when I came up with the idea of using a revolving turntable. After a quick internet search I found Movetech UK and was amazed at the vast array of products they had to offer, and after looking through their range of turntables I came across the perfect solution, Movetech UK’s Mini Carousel turntable.”

Danny went on to say: “I decided to use Movetech UK’s rental service and booked the turntable for some upcoming events I had planned to attend. I was also quite surprised when I was told the turntable could also have an electrical supply on the rotating surface, this allowed me to display all the electrical components on my wheelchair as well as being able to keep my wheelchair on charge. Having the slip rings were a huge bonus and such a relief because even though I wanted to display my wheelchair, the last thing I wanted after a day of exhibiting was a flat battery.

In the last 12 months the ‘Pimp My Wheelchair’ project have attended and showcased at several events including The Modified Nationals in Peterborough, German vs. Japanese Car Show in Buckinghamshire, the JapShow at Santa Pod Raceway, Lowedges Gigantic Festival in Sheffield and the Yorkshire Modified Show in York.

In addition to showcasing his wheelchair, Danny has raised an incredible £130 for Arthritis Care by simply placing a fundraising bucket next to his display, and next year he is aiming to double that and plans to donate all proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Society. Furthermore to make next year even bigger, the ‘Pimp My Wheelchair’ project have added a brand new mobility scooter to their ‘pimped out’ collection, which Danny has already started customising.

Movetech UK’s Kamil Winogrodzki added: “As an engineering company we were fascinated by Danny’s project. We do all we can to promote fresh young talent, so when he came to us asking if we could help, we were only too pleased to do our bit.”

“Danny has kept in touch with us from day one and throughout the year he has often told me how great the turntable has been for him and mentions how easy it is to assemble. He is over the moon with the feedback and interest he receives with regards to his wheelchair and is delighted how much the turntable helps him to show off every angle of his hard work.”

Kamil then added: “We manufacture and rent turntables in all sizes, some rotate full articulated lorries and others help display cakes in shop windows. So providing something that had the correct size and power requirements was relatively simple. We think Danny’s ‘Pimp My Wheelchair’ project is a fantastic idea, and we wish him every luck for future prospects.”

Useful links:

– Pimp My Wheelchair Project website
– Video of Wheelchair on Small Carousel Turntable

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