Movetech UK joins the Walkers crisp packet recycling scheme


Movetech UK understands the responsibility they have to reduce the impact their waste has on the environment; therefore, they have continued to monitor and improve their recycling processes by introducing a number of new and improved environmentally friendly recycling procedures.

One way the company have improved their recycling efforts, is to join the Walkers crisp packet recycling scheme, the first of its kind in the UK, which offers households, companies, schools and individuals the opportunity to recycle their crisp packets. As crisp packets currently remain non-recyclable through traditional local recycling methods, they would ultimately end up being sent in to land fill.

Peter Walton, Movetech UK’s Technical Engineer, and avid recycler, explains more: “Like most companies, schools and households up and down the country, everyone is trying their best to improve and increase their efforts when it comes to recycling, which I personally think is great!

“Just like myself, everyone enjoys a bag of crisps every now and then, and with around six billion bags of crisps being consumed a year in the UK, that’s an awful lot of waste which could be potentially finding its way in to land fill – which isn’t a good thing for the environment.

“To do our bit for the environment, where crisp packets are involved, we [Movetech UK] have joined the popular recycling scheme introduced by the world’s largest crisp manufacturers, Walkers.

“The crisp giants, who have partnered with recyclers TerraCycle, have set up the scheme, to give us, the consumer, a helpful and effective solution to recycling our crisp packets – which will significantly help reduce the impact that we have on the environment.”

Peter continues: “The manufacturing process of a crisp packet, with its inner foil layer, currently means they are non-recyclable via local recycling methods, so they are ultimately going to be thrown in the waste bin, which is most definitely having a negative effect on the environment.

“Since we [Movetech UK] introduced the crisp packet recycling scheme in to the workplace a couple of months ago, everyone has found it to be a very effective way in preventing us needlessly throwing our empty crisp packets in to the waste bin.

“By simply placing all our used crisp packets in our crisp packet recycling box, instead of the waste bin, they are avoiding being sent to land fill, a simple, yet very helpful and rewarding process.

“Once the box is full, we take it to a local collection point, where Walkers and TerraCycle take care of the recycling process – it really is that simple!

“As a company, the number of crisp packets we recycle may only seem small in comparison to the amount of crisps consumed in the UK every year, but by doing our little bit for the environment, in unison with the many others involved in the scheme, it will undoubtedly help make a big difference.

“We [Movetech UK] will continue to recycle our crisp packets through the Walkers recycling scheme for as long as the scheme is in place – in addition to all our other new and improved recycling processes and procedures we already have in place, helping to reduce the impact our waste has on the environment.”

To get involved in the scheme and for more information, visit

The recycled crisp packets (which don’t have to be Walkers branded) can then be turned into various products, such as plant pots, benches, watering cans and cool bags. Additionally, the scheme also helps fund charities and schools each and every time you recycle!

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