Big Shed Studio helps showcase the launch of the new Great Britain Lions Rugby League kit


Manchester based photographers and professional hire studios, Big Shed Studio, have put their facilities and photography skills to good use, by hosting the video shoot to launch the brand-new Great Britain Lions Rugby League kit – with a little help from a Movetech UK 1m diameter Maxi Plus Lightweight Carousel turntable.

The turntable, which Big Shed Studio purchased from Movetech UK’s retail display range, has allowed the production team to effortlessly rotate a group of the Great Britain Lions Rugby League players to capture incredible 360-degree video clips – which feature in the eagerly anticipated new kit launch reveal video.

The video footage was captured in a green screen environment for perfect video editing results, this therefore meant the turntable also had to be covered in a special green screen cover which Big Shed Studio created to perfectly fit snug on top of the turntable.

Along with an array of historic footage from previous GB games, teams and players, the newly shot edited clips would be put together to create the dramatic reveal video which would be showcased for the world to see.

The finalised video is a superb example of what can be achieved with an imaginative mindset and a little engineering know-how from Movetech UK, who have helped turn a simple display turntable into a practical, functional piece of photography equipment.

Justin Windle – commercial photographer and owner of Big Shed Studio said “When we heard that the production required a rotational effect to the players in the video, I contacted Movetech UK, knowing they would without doubt be able to offer me a solution.

“I noticed they had recently released a new product, the Maxi Plus Lightweight turntable – and with it being marketed as the ideal turntable for rotating people – I thought… perfect!”

Justin continued: “We have used Movetech UK’s turntables for various projects in the past, but these have been for much smaller displays, such as product photography and videos.

“We needed a unit which was capable of taking much heavier and taller loads, and the new unit did exactly that.

“Because the feel of the video was to be dramatic and to present the players as heroic characters, we added an array of special effects including a greenscreen treadmill, as well as wind and lighting effects. But by introducing the turntable, it gave us the opportunity to be able to show off the new jersey from every possible angle – and I think the completed video clearly shows we accomplished everything we set out to do!”

Justin then finished by saying: “The turntables we have purchased from Movetech UK have continuously been of great quality and when it comes to filming, it was essential that the rotating platform offered a smooth and consistent rotation, which is exactly what the products offer.

“We look forward to working with Movetech UK again in the future, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to add extra depth, by introducing movement, to any photography project.”

Kamil Winogrodzki, Movetech UK’s Customer Support Specialist added: “Big Shed Studio offers purpose designed studio spaces to enable smooth production of creative videos and spectacular photography, and this is backed up by the wide range of amazing projects they have successfully produced for a wide range of companies including Mercedes, Bentley Motors, and Manchester United Football Club, to name but a few.

“It’s always been a pleasure dealing with Big Shed Studio – Justin and his expertise always shines through. I would like to wish him, and the studio, the best of luck with all future projects!”

More about Big Shed Studio: The Big Shed is a photographers and cinematographers dream space. Newly built with over 5,000 sq ft of studio facilities, located minutes from Manchester city centre and the M60 motorway, Big Shed is the ideal space to shoot large sets, automotive photography, TV commercials, videos and “overhead” shots.

Visit their website to find out more information; Additionally, you can also follow Big Shed Studio and Justin Windle Photography on Instagram (@bigshedstudio and @justinwindle), Twitter and LinkedIn.

Production credits: Dave Birchall – Exec producer at Truc Fierce. Chris Gaffey – Director. Paul Lilly – DOP at Creative Camera Co. and RFL Head of partnerships Bobby Bahadori.


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