Safe Movement and Handling of Large Loads


Above all else, safety is key. Safely moving large or heavy loads in a restrictive environment is a challenge faced often by companies in sectors across industry, and when seeking the right solution, they look for expertise and experience. Movetech UK provides specialist and bespoke safe materials handling solutions.

Originally working in the Automotive sector, Movetech UK was founded on a single request for a car showroom turntable, and almost 60 years later they continue to design, manufacture, and install custom movement solutions for Automotive clients and those in many other sectors including retail, distribution, nuclear, defence, aerospace, construction, and offshore. Whilst the company has diversified over the years into retail display turntables and revolving stages for theatre, film, TV and live events, the core of Movetech UK’s business remains servicing industry with tailored solutions for both common and unusual load moving challenges.

Regularly working in the construction industry, Movetech UK hold ISO9001, ISO14002, CHAS and ConstructionLine Gold certification with in-house SMSTS, IOSH and NEBOSH qualified personnel. As the market leader in HGV turntables, Movetech UK have supplied units from Ø6m for 18-tonne 2-axle vehicles, up to Ø15m turntables for 44-tonne articulated lorries. Typically, these machines are destined for large retail units, mixed usage commercial developments, or even construction sites where they will be used for a fixed period and then removed after the construction phase.

The advantages of using a vehicle turntable vary from one application to the next, however where they add value in most cases is to reduce turning space and potentially dangerous reversing manoeuvres, thereby freeing up space for more profitable use whilst also improving the health and safety within the service yard area. End users can eliminate large turning circles and complex manoeuvres, not only saving fuel and tyre wear, but more importantly reducing emissions to zero at the point of use, further improving the working environment for operatives in the area.

For over 35 years Movetech UK have been designing and manufacturing Airfilm movement solutions, utilising a thin film of compressed air to allow heavy loads to be moved in any direction with very little friction. Unlike hovercrafts the Airfilm principle uses a compressed air system to create a cushion of air less than 1mm, allowing safe and controlled handling of the load. In 2004 Movetech UK acquired the long established Hovair brand and have since continued to develop and improve this well-known technology, solving load moving challenges for some of the biggest names in aerospace, offshore, nuclear and other industries.

By using Hovair Airfilm technology Movetech UK can offer lower friction and lower floor pressure solutions than conventional wheeled systems, with a 1 tonne load requiring as little at 5kg force to move on air, with omni-directional manoeuvres a unique feature of Airfilm technology. Whilst typical applications range from 5 to 100 tonnes, using powerful 3D CAD software the specialist design team at Movetech UK can accommodate any size and weight.

So, whether you need to move 1 tonne 100 times, or 100 tonnes just once; whether you need to rotate on the spot or navigate a complex route, let Movetech UK solve your load moving challenge, safely.

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