Movetech UK makes a difference with Zac’s


Movetech UK are proud to announce they are new and the first formal sponsors of Zac’s, a local independent Charity, which aims to offer care and support to young people.

Zac’s doesn’t just offer care and support to young people it also provides a meeting place free from alcohol and other harmful influences. Whilst providing an attractive and credible venue for young people to meet and enjoyable activities for them, Zac’s strive to do much more and to have an impact on behaviour, attitude, aspiration, confidence, self esteem and so on.

Tim Entwistle, Movetech UK Managing Director said: “As a local business we are always looking for ways to help and support local groups and charities and when we heard about Zac’s, we didn’t think twice about helping. We made a generous donation to help fund the mammoth amount of work that goes into the group, knowing that we would be part of supporting young people made it all the more commendable. Once I got to know more about Zac’s Youth Bar I was quite amazed and overwhelmed with the amount of effort the volunteers offer on a daily basis, I decided to make a second charitable donation.”

Stuart Barnes, CEO at Zac’s Youth Bar was overjoyed with the generosity and added: “Over the last three years the number of young people we work with has doubled at the same time as income has decreased. Even though we are busier and busier we still strive to take an interest in each young person as an individual and have been delighted to see so many developing and achieving. Movetech UK’s support therefore, makes a huge difference to us as we continue to support young people and in particular as we look ahead to new opportunities and new challenges in 2015 when we hope to make an even bigger difference to those we work with, particularly around enhancing their employability.”

Movetech UK will continue to help and support Zac’s for the foreseeable future and we wish them every success.

If you could support Zac’s in anyway please contact Karen Openshaw, Head of Development and Partnerships on or on 07748454329.

Useful links:

Zac’s official website
Movetech UK ‘Our community’ page

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