Movetech UK provides centre stage for Manchester’s FlashMob Fashion


Movetech UK added an element of excitement to the glitz and the glamour of Manchester’s FlashMob Fashion event with a unique revolving catwalk.

The three-day event took place inside the city’s Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre, showcasing a range of more than 1,000 garments and items available to fashion fans for Spring/Summer 2013.

To ensure that the high-profile event caught as much attention as possible, organisers Maynineteen called in Movetech UK to provide the rotating stage, located in Exchange Court, to carry the models and dancers.

Maynineteen marketing manager Jo Prosser said: “We organise lots and lots of fashion shows and there is a pressure to do something new and different each time.

“We needed something fun, but not gimmicky, and came up with the idea of the revolving stage. It worked really well, it drew in a lot of attention and gave the show the innovative edge we were hoping for.”

It was all made possible by Movetech UK’s Merlin turntable, which stands 4.5m in diameter and can carry up to 2,500kg. It earned it’s name from it’s discreet mechanisms which rotate objects ‘as if by magic’ and it has been specially designed to be portable – easy to assemble and doesn’t requiring floor fixings. The Merlin turntable is even suitable for use on-the-go, and can be powered from a car’s 12v battery if required.

Of course, installing a large, rotating catwalk in a busy shopping centre could cause its own problems, but the Movetech UK equipment was installed in just a matter of hours, during a period when the Arndale Shopping Centre was closed to shoppers.

Jo added: “We’re prohibited from setting up in shopping centres whilst they are open to the public for obvious safety reasons. Build time is limited and can be stressful but fortunately it was all very straightforward for the team to put together and was ready in plenty of time for the show.”

Movetech UK’s Technical Director David Houghton said: “The FlashMob Fashion show is one of the most glamorous projects we’ve been involved with.

“It was a test for us as we had to ensure that the dancers on board the turntable were perfectly safe as it operated, and we had a limited timeframe to install the equipment. These are the types of projects we enjoy tackling and the end result was really quite spectacular.”

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