Movetech UK starts and finishes the show for Graham Norton


Movetech UK has helped So Television create stunning effects for the Graham Norton Show by supplying turntables for two consecutive shows in the latest series. The first, a standard revolving stage for a performance of ‘Primadonna Girl’, the latest single by Marina and the Diamonds, was followed by a manually operated turntable to emulate the judges’ revolves in the popular talent show, ‘The Voice’.

Rental manager at Movetech UK, part of the British Turntable Group, explains: “We were asked to install the 3m stage at LWT studios for the Graham Norton Show and time the revolve’s speed to match the time of the track.

“The idea was for Marina to be lying on a sofa, back to camera, and once the track started she would turn 180 degrees to front of camera. The turntable would then stop, and Marina would stand up and walk to the mic stand.

“As the show is recorded in front of a live audience the timing had to be spot on, so Marina ran through the track, singing live, before the final run-through. The pressure was really on, but we got it right first time and everything worked perfectly.

“A real bonus was that we were made to feel so welcome by everyone involved with the show, and we were able to stay and watch the final show.

“A week later I had a call from So Television asking if we could provide them with a turntable for a sketch Graham would be doing on ‘The Voice’. This time we simply helped So Television choose the right unit for their needs – a standard display turntable with the motor removed so that Graham could spin it with his foot as and when needed.

“Again, everything worked perfectly.”

The revolving stage installed by Movetech UK for Marina and the Diamonds is from an extensive range of standard units from 1 to 33 metres in diameter, while the manual revolve for ‘The Voice’ sketch was adapted from a standard Maxi display turntable. All are available to rent or buy, with or without full on site installation and support services. DMX control interface is, and Movetech UK also offers annular rings and scissor lifts to provide optimum flexibility for live events as well as the TV and film industries.

Quality and reliability are built in to both the equipment and service provided.

Video 1 – The Graham Norton Show, Marina and the Diamonds.

Video 2 – The Graham Norton Show. The Voice.

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