Movetech UK to help cake decorator star at show


A Movetech UK turntable is to help professional cake decorator Paul Bradford take centre stage at the 2013 Cake International show in November.

The noted designer, who has made appearances on TV and worked for celebrities and royalty, will be attending the show and went in search of a device that would make his designs truly stand out.

David Brice, of the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School, said: “It is very easy to hide a poorly made cake by hiding the flaws around the back. We wanted to show our designs off from every angle so that any buyers had absolute confidence in us. We design cakes that go in the middle of the room, not in a corner.”

David tracked down Movetech UK with a specific set of requirements in mind. The turntable had to be portable, easy to operate, and carry the weight of a decorated cake.

Since using the turntable, which features on the company’s online tutorial videos, both the designs and their display methods have had plenty of positive comments.

David added: “The cakes look so much better on the carousel. The Movetech UK turntable is the perfect complement to what we do.”

“I would recommend the product to anyone in our business. If you’re showing off a design, make sure you’re doing it properly. The turntable has elevated our displays to the highest level.”

Paul and David will be exhibiting at Cake International, where their displays will include the Movetech UK turntable, at Birmingham NEC between November 8 and 10.

Visit to see the cake and turntable in action.

Product details can be found on our small carousels product page. You can also purchase a Small Carousel turntable online by visiting our online shop.

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