Olympian Turntable Now Even Better


British Turntable has developed significant enhancements to its popular Olympian turntable, making it a more attractive and appealing display option than ever before. The main new features of the 4.5 metre diameter revolve include the incorporation of the motor into the steel structure underneath the deck, and the addition of a dark grey skirt-type edging to the perimeter to complete the unit.

Removing the motor box, the sloping top of which could double as an information board, makes for a cleaner, sleeker look to the deck, at the same time giving the user greater freedom of choice as to how and where to display information about the revolving product. The new, easy to fit flexible rubberised skirt is stylish and durable and is supplied as standard on all new models.

The Olympian 4.5 was originally developed for the car showroom, where its modular, portable design has become the first choice of many dealerships and used car outlets as it allows a change of focus or mood to be made easily and quickly without the requirement for special tools.<

Because of the extra interest generated from using movement in display, many other industry areas, including the furniture and home improvements market, have also adopted the Olympian as a preferred option. British Turntable’s short term hire facilities make it ideal for exhibitions, product launches and reveals, where its ability to be installed and removed quickly makes it a real winner.

British Turntable offers more than a 100 movement options in its standard display range, from small battery-operated units to larger revolves capable of creating large, complex display combinations using optional extras such as static centres, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation.

Revolves ideally suited for automotive display include the Merlin Major 21, a highly portable option that is almost invisible in operation, and a full range of revolving stages, from 2 metres diameter upwards, that can be surface-mounted or flush-fitted into the showroom floor as required.

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