Princess Provides Moving Showcase at Exhibition


A second glass-shelved Princess PR4 turntable from British Turntable has helped Platform Europe create an attractive, moving display medium for Newman Labelling’s products at Interpack in Düsseldorf while providing a compact yet dynamic focal point on the stand.

Exhibition stand designers, Platform Europe, have frequently used movement in the past and were delighted with the results.

Martin Kingsbury, from Platform’s Design & Project Management team explains, “The turntable needed to be fairly small as we were placing it in a glass showcase. The PR4 model actually helped us to achieve the final design objectives of the stand as its chrome pole, glass shelves and black base complemented the clean lines of the design; the black base also helped the product to stand out.

“The turntables were very well received – as they have been on numerous occasions.”

The Princess range of turntables, with their chrome poles and fully adjustable safety glass shelves, provide a stylish and attractive display medium for different products of varying heights, and are particularly well-suited to show off glassware, fine porcelain, lead crystal, jewellery and giftware to their full potential. The standard range includes four basic models, including a ceiling-mounted unit, and quarter shelves can also be provided for even greater flexibility in designing a display.

In a retail environment, the movement can even generate extra sales – more than 30% over a static display, according to research conducted by POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International).

Princess turntable units are available from British Turntable’s standard display equipment portfolio, which now incorporates more than 100 standard items, from small battery-operated turntables and point of purchase units to large revolves capable of carrying heavy or large items such as furniture. Many units are available for short-term hire for exhibitions or temporary promotions.

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