Revolving Doors at Newview


Newview Windows and Conservatories of Worthing in West Sussex has introduced a little action into their new showrooms by revolving a selection of doors on a Mini Carousel supplied by British Turntable. The company, which offers its services to both commercial and domestic clients, was looking to interest householders in their products by presenting them in a more imaginative way, and sound and movement seemed to offer the solution.

“We’d seen the impact movement has on display at motor shows and in high street retail outlets,” explains Newview Director, Michele Birch, “so we looked at how we might bring this impact into our own showroom. Space was fairly limited, so we decided that revolving some of our doors would fit the bill.

“After researching a few suppliers of turntables on the internet we decided on British Turntable as our source – they were so nice and helpful on the telephone, and they have such a huge range to choose from. It couldn’t have been easier. <

“We sited the stand in a corner and in front of a window in order to entice people in out of sheer fascination. And of course, once in, they find it impossible to resist!

The result is an attractive, eye-catching display that brightens a corner of the showroom while allowing three quality doors to be shown in an area just large enough to show one in a static display. By locating the movement in a corner away from the entrance, Newview has also created the ideal focus to draw customers well into the showroom, allowing other products in their range to be seen more readily.

The Mini Carousel chosen to revolve the doors offers superb display potential. One of more than 100 products in British Turntable’s standard display movement range, it has the ability to carry loads up to 1.5m wide, 1.5m high and up to 227kg in weight by using the extension arms and legs provided. It is also available for short term hire for temporary promotions, while extra options such as static centre, positional or timed hesitation and oscillation can be provided on request.

In the retail environment movement adds value by creating a dynamic focal point, at the same time increasing sales by more that 30% over a static display*. It can also be used to attract footfall to a specific area in the showroom, as demonstrated by Newview. If placed at the entrance to a store a revolving display can actually encourage shoppers to move inside: if placed to the left of the entrance the revolve should be set to turn in an anti-clockwise direction, and if placed to the right it should be set to turn clockwise.

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