Turn Round for SOS


Mini Carousel turntables from British Turntable are helping fashion chain SOS move merchandise at their outlets in Luton and Liverpool airports. The turntables were supplied with a positional hesitation option, allowing shopfitters, Cheshire Contracts, to create an ever-changing display using four-sided face-on display totems.

Andy Lee of Cheshire Contracts explains, “The display units were designed for the Liverpool site, where the shop is a “glass box” in the centre of the departure lounge. As such we had no walls to which we could fit normal display fixtures and, additionally, space is very limited.

“We decided on four-sided totems, on which garments could be hung face-on, to provide both a window display and a merchandise unit which the customers could choose items from. They revolve 90 degrees, then park for 30 seconds or so before moving the next quarter turn. At Liverpool, where we have installed three totems, the display is particularly successful as each totem moves at a different time, thus creating a constantly changing display in a very small area.”

The Luton outlet is slightly different in that the plinth unit, located at the left-hand side of the shop front, has two revolving totems mounted on it, again, each revolving a quarter turn approximately every 30 seconds.

In the retail environment, placing a revolve at the entrance to a store has the added benefit of encouraging shoppers to move inside, provided the turntable is moving in the right direction: if placed to the left of the entrance the revolve should be set to turn in an anti-clockwise direction, and if placed to the right it should be set to turn clockwise. In any event, movement in-store can increase sales by more that 30% over a static display.*

British Turntable’s Mini Carousel revolve is a popular movement choice from the company’s standard range of more than 100 display products because it offers tremendous display potential: by using the extension arms and legs provided it can carry displays up to 1.5m wide, 1.5m high and up to 227kg in weight. It is also available for short term hire for temporary promotions, while extra options such as static centre, positional or timed hesitation and oscillation can be provided on request.

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