Mobile Homes Move with British Turntable


When Pemberton Leisure Homes were upgrading their factory at Wigan in Lancashire and looking to improve the assembly line operation, they turned to British Turntable for a manually operated revolve that would speed up production and, at the same time, save space.

The 2.5 metre diameter turntable, which has a capacity of 7.5 tonnes, is used to manoeuvre the company’s large static caravans into another part of the factory. By placing the caravan’s wheels on the revolve, which is sunk into the assembly line floor, the caravan can be rotated easily through 90 degrees on its own axis, thereby saving valuable ground space and labour.

“British Turntable’s service was excellent,” says Kevin McAdam, Managing Director ate Pemberton Leisure Homes. “They quickly sorted out the size and capacity that we needed, and the turntable does everything we require. We’re particularly pleased at the space it saves us as this is always at a premium.”

British Turntable has considerable experience in providing movement solutions for materials handling problems. As well as offering small manual turntables, the company’s extensive portfolio includes materials handling carousels and transporters, high capacity revolves and transporters capable of moving a railway carriage, military tank or an aeroplane, as well as vehicle access and other heavy duty turntables. Air film movement, supplied through the company’s Hovair Systems division, allows extremely heavy or awkward-sized loads to be moved quickly and easily, while lifting and moving equipment can also be offered through British Turntable’s exclusive rights to distribute Jung products in the UK. The company is therefore in a strong position to offer advice on and solutions to a wide range of materials handling problems.

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