British Turntable Keeps on Running


Rocker units from British Turntable’s point-of-purchase movement range have helped Selfridges’ flagship London store create an exciting and dynamic window display, complementing their Spring window scheme.

The rockers were used to promote Converse trainers window, themed ‘Done a Runner’. Each of the twenty-four units rocked a trainer to emulate a running action and add a humour element to the shoes. The window proved to be particularly popular along the front run of the Oxford Street store and drew in quite a crowd.

Linda Hewson, Selfridges’ creative manager for visual merchandising summarised the idea behind the display: ‘The idea was to showcase a wide range of product with English humour and flair and produce a window scheme that reflected people’s instinctive longing for something fresh, colourful and uplifting. The theme is based on English idioms with a humour element and was tied in with our Spring Beauty promotion in the Ultralounge. We had a huge amount of publicity and interest in the windows and won three prestigious awards: Best overall windows – Galore scheme; Best use of Mannequins – China; and Best Department Store for London Fashion Week – Fashion Utility.”

The rocker units used for the Converse promotion are available off the shelf from British Turntable’s standard range of display products, which now number more than 100. The range is popular with large and small retailers alike as research has shown that movement in display can increase sales by more than 30%* over its static equivalent because it adds interest, value and integrity to the product.

Units in the British Turntable range included small battery and powered point of purchase revolves, oscillators and pendulum movement as well as large rotary carousels capable of carrying heavy white goods or furniture. They can be combined to create more complex displays, and optional extras such as static centres, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation add interest and appeal.

*Research conducted by Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI).

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