All-Round Exposure at Airport


A classic use of a revolving sign gave British Turntable unexpected exposure at the 2004 Olympic Games when Clear Channel Haidemenos SA of Greece created striking signage for Coca Cola.

The Toblerone-shaped signs mounted on British Turntable’s Mini Carousels were installed at the head of each baggage reclaim area at Athens International Airport in the run-up to and during the Games, ensuring that thousands of visitors were exposed to the message as they passed through the airport.

“The sites are very strategic,” says Stephane Wagner of Clear Channel, “and the movement is essential to attract the attention of passengers, who are typically in the area for ten to twenty minutes at a time waiting for their luggage. The pyramids are much appreciated by our customers, and we find them to be a very valuable advertising medium.”

The use of revolving signage at airports is not new, and baggage reclaim areas are becoming increasingly popular locations because of the volume of traffic passing through. The movement created by using a turntable catches the eye, creates impact and grabs the attention of the passer-by, raising the profile of the advertised product.

Movement has also been used very successfully in other areas of airports, being particularly effective not just in arrivals areas but also in the duty-free shopping area, where passengers are often won over and encouraged to buy a particular brand to take advantage of a special offer.

The Mini Carousel supplied by British Turntable to create the attractive signs is one of more than 100 items offered by the company in its standard display movement portfolio. British Turntable also offers non-standard options such as variable speed, timed or positional hesitation, static centres and oscillation to add extra sophistication and excitement to the sign or display.

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