British Turntable Movement for Design


British Turntable has supplied a Mini Carousel display revolve to furniture makers, Sven Christiansen plc, who wanted to draw on the rotary movement to highlight its exclusive range of Norwegian HÅG office seating.

The application is particularly apt as the selling point for the HÅG range is that it brings ‘movement and variation to the workplace’: the chairs effectively enable and encourage movement whilst seated, thus improving workers’ health and comfort.

A toblerone-shaped graphics panel mounted on the turntable promoted this movement theme so successfully at London’s Spectrum exhibition, a specialist furniture exhibition targeted at architects and designers, that the company intends transferring the moving theme to its showroom windows in Great Portland Street, London, to create a permanent, yet changeable, display attraction for its products.

The Mini Carousel which created the attractive display is a particularly popular choice of revolve and is one of more than 100 items offered by British Turntable in its standard display movement portfolio. The company also offers non-standard options such as variable speed, timed or positional hesitation, static centres and oscillation to add extra sophistication and excitement to the sign or display.

Research by POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) has shown that movement in the retail environment can increase sales by more than 30%. Movement attracts the eye, adds value to the product and encourages the shopper to stop and look; it is particularly effective in promoting new lines or for clearing older stock.

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