British Turntable Creates Retail Revolution at Ted Baker


British Turntable Co. has helped to create an unusual and stylish seating area for shoppers at the Ted Baker store in Regent Street, London, by supplying a 3.5 metre diameter turntable chosen by the special projects team at Ted Baker to create a focal point within the store, which has a large, square floor plan.

“We wanted to use the circular motion of the turntable to allow our customers to view all areas of the store whilst relaxing on an elegant chaise longue, as a way of slowing down the pace of their trip and as an antidote to the frenetic pace of the usual shopping experience in central London.” says Ted Baker’s Mat Ashby. “We were also aware that the first European Apple retail store would be our neighbours, and the ‘lo-fi’, uncomplicated nature of the turntable appealed – we wanted to create our own, slightly more understated, ‘retail revolution’.

“We are happy with the result, and our customers appear to like the experience of the store revealing itself to them.”

The turntable has also allowed Ted Baker to create the perfect environment for customers to take time to view the company’s web site, which can be accessed via two monitors located on the turntable.

Not having used a turntable in store before, the Ted Baker team had no idea what would be required, but after in-depth discussion with the main contractor, MC Contracts, it was discovered that the installation was straightforward. With its low profile (only 120mm) it was relatively simple to flush-fit into the floor area and to deck it with the same flooring as the rest of the sales area. The result is a comfortable, elegant oasis of calm area where customers can enjoy a little peace and quiet.

The revolve supplied by British Turntable was chosen from the company’s range of standard display turntables, normally used in the retail environment to create dynamic, eye-catching displays of merchandise, whatever the size of the display. They have been used extensively in the fashion industry world wide to add interest, draw attention to new lines and to highlight special promotions.

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