Apprentice of the Year awarded to Movetech UK’s Michael Smith


Movetech UK Turntable Technician, Michael Smith, has proved his hard work and determination has definitely not gone unnoticed and has recently been awarded with the 2016 Apprentice of the Year Award, a triumphant achievement for both Michael and Movetech UK.

Michael recently completed his Level 3 Extended Diploma in Mechanical Manufacturing and Engineering with both Movetech UK and Horwich based independent training provider; Alliance Learning. This along with hard work and dedication contributed greatly in Michael not only being offered a full time position at Movetech UK, but deservedly being awarded with the honourable and sought-after annual award.

“It’s an amazing accomplishment to be named Apprentice of the Year,” Michael said. “I’ve worked very hard and strongly believe in myself and I always show a great deal of enthusiasm to get the job done. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and awareness since starting my apprenticeship, which I think has significantly helped towards my success.”

Michael then went on to say: “Winning the award is definitely a personal achievement, but a great deal of my success is down to the amazing support I have received from both Movetech UK and Alliance Learning, who have both supported and helped me accomplish something that I have always wanted to achieve.”

Last year, in early February, after 2 years of hard work and determination, Michael was offered a full time Turntable Technician position by Movetech UK. This would enable Michael to continue and complete his day-to-day responsibilities such as mechanical, pneumatic and electrical assemblies, welding and grinding, fabrication and installation of heavy duty systems. Additionally, now as a full time employee, Michael would now undertake an array of off-site duties such as servicing, maintenance and repair of current heavy duty installations at locations up and down the country.

Russell Entwistle, Movetech UK’s Operations Director praised Michael for his hard work and purposeful attitude throughout the last few years. Russell added; “Michael operates at a high level both in and outside his work environment, with a significant breadth of capability and application. He has more than proved he is both committed and industrious and thoroughly deserves the award he has received.”

Whilst Michael undertook his day to day hands on duties within his workplace at Movetech UK, he also undertook training and guidance from local independent training provider; Alliance Learning. Michael said the tuition helped him gain the awareness and skills he needed and he felt additionally confident knowing he was getting all the support he needed throughout his journey as an apprentice.

“Michael undertook and completed all his practical work with ease, his attitude was always positive and he always pushed for extra work at every stage of his apprenticeship,” said Alliance Learning Tutor; Lee Walker. “He came across as a person who was very inquisitive and had a genuine passion for learning new skills. I can thoroughly say he is definitely a worthy winner of the award and I wish him every luck for the future.”

Steve Mason, Learning Development Officer at Alliance Learning said he nominated Michael for this year’s Apprentice of the Year Award because he was one of the most outstanding apprentices he had ever had the good fortune to work with.

Steve then went on to say “Michael was way ahead of his years when it came to knowledge, skills, experience, attitude and dedication. He would constantly ask me for more and more work to get on with as he always wanted to better himself.”

“His observations were a bench mark for all other learners, and one in particular, is used as an example to all assessors, here at Alliance, of how the ‘perfect’ observation can be achieved. He completed his framework a full six months ahead of schedule and the tutors spoke so highly of him there were five different people who nominated him for his award.”

Steve then finished by congratulating Michael on his achievements: “He is a young man who will go a long way at Movetech UK, if he continues with his dedication and devotion to his work.”

“He is a definite credit to the company, and any new apprentices Movetech UK employ will have a lot to live up to, I would thoroughly like to congratulate Michael on his award and wish him every luck for the future.”

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