Movetech UK help Raymond Evison Clematis flourish at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show


Innovative Maxi Carousel turntables from Movetech UK’s retail display range proved to be an outstanding success at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, where Guernsey Clematis Nursery won their 28th successive Gold award, an incredible achievement at such a prestigious event in the gardening calendar.

Raymond Evison, founder of Guernsey Clematis Nursery Ltd was a teenager when he first exhibited at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. That was over half a century ago and in that time his exhibits of Clematis have amassed 28 Chelsea Flower Show Gold medals. In recent years, 14 consecutive Gold awards running from 2003 to 2016.

In the last 15 years his stands have moved from the ‘wall of colour’ type displays to a ground-breaking ‘Clematis Archway’ and in the last three years very contemporary displays that strongly feature specimen container displays in individual settings.

At this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Raymond’s 2016 stand went one step further, implementing two large 3m diameter revolving Maxi Carousel turntables from Movetech UK’s retail display range. The revolving platforms added an imperative yet subtle motion to the magnificent array of contained clematis, making it another huge innovation in clematis displays, contributing to a well deserved 14th consecutive gold award.

The exhibit featured over 1000 clematis imaginatively arranged in both booth and container settings. The first of the carousel turntables was set up to revolve and display an arrangement of Clematis planted in containers within individual booths to show off their exquisite individuality, whilst the second carousel turntable featured a large planter type display to exhibit a cluster of beautifully hand crafted Clematis.

Chris Ozanne from Raymond Evison Clematis said: “The carousels were a real innovation this year allowing us to extend further the display of clematis planted in a contemporary way.”

We wanted to achieve a ‘wow’ factor for visitors approaching our exhibit, but in a subtle modern way” added Chris, “with the combination of the clematis gracefully rotating on the revolving platforms plus the added effect of lighting, it’s unquestionable that this year’s exhibit was joyful to look at and in turn making it a remarkable success.”

Kamil Winogrodzki, Movetech UK’s Internal Sales Co-ordinator said: “As a movement solution company we were exceptionally honoured to be part of the success achieved by Raymond Evison Clematis at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The revolves we supplied where a brilliant feature and by adding an animated element it gave the displays a modern and fashionable feel, which I think looked very impressive.”

“There is no doubt who the stars of the show were” added Kamil, “the collection of vibrant and high quality Clematis flowers stole the show and it wouldn’t have been achievable without the extremely talented team at Raymond Evison Clematis who put the fantastic hand crafted exhibit together.”

Kamil then went on to say: “The exhibit together with the revolving carousels were also featured in the BBC’s daily television programme, which just goes to show what a success the exhibit was, in turn resulting in a well deserved 28th Chelsea Flower Show gold medal award.”

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Raymond Evison Clematis
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