Michael Smith, Apprentice turned Qualified Technician


Movement technology specialist Movetech UK (Part of the British Turntable Group) has underlined its commitment to advancing skilled engineers by continuing to invest in the future. Over the last several years the company has continued to expand its workforce and this has frequently involved enrolling young and talented engineering apprentices by offering them an opportunity to achieve their full potential.

In March 2013, Michael Smith, 24, enrolled with the Bolton based company as an Engineering Apprentice. Even though he had no formal engineering training at the time, he brought with him a mass of hands-on mechanical knowledge, gained from many years of engineering experience.

Since his arrival, Michael has continued to demonstrate his hands on and technical skills, and has also portrayed a well-built and determined attitude to thrive in every task he undertakes. He’s proved that he is a valuable and industrious team member and has portrayed his commitment to the company by continuously improving his intellectual and physical skills.

Within the last 18 months Michael has gone on to successfully complete an industry recognised Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS), a Level 3 Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) course and a fully certified fork lift truck driver’s course.

In February 2015, after 2 years of hard work and determination, Michael was offered a full time Turntable Technician position by Movetech UK. This would enable Michael to continue and complete his day-to-day responsibilities such as mechanical, pneumatic and electrical assemblies, welding and grinding, fabrication and installation of heavy duty systems. Additionally he would now undertake an array of off-site duties such as servicing, maintenance and repair of current heavy duty installations at locations up and down the country.

In addition to Michael’s long list of achievements he has recently been highly praised for successfully completing his Level 3 Extended Diploma in Mechanical Manufacturing and Engineering, all of which will help benefit both Michael, and Movetech UK, in the future.

Michael had this to say: “You know you’re working in a great place when you look forward to going into work on a Monday morning. It’s great to know I’m part of an immensely devoted team, we’re like a big family, whether someone is helping you, or you’re supporting someone else, there’s always someone you can turn to, and I like that.”

He then added: “My biggest achievement since joining the company was completing my Level 3 Extended Diploma, it gave me a real sense of success and accomplishment, I can’t thank the company enough for that. I’m definitely looking forward to the future and aside from all the hands-on work, I anticipate to continue educating myself and work towards undertaking and completing an engineering degree in the near future.”

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